The Koepplinger family knew a thing or two about strength.

From grit to grains they embodied what it means to strengthen and nurture health. Koepplinger's Recipe Bread was passed down to Karl and Anna Koepplinger from Karl's brother, John Koepplinger in 1932. During the Depression, Karl had fallen onto hard times and Karl’s brother helped enable him to bake his first 100 loaves of bread to sell. Passing along a family recipe that would not only taste great but also be healthy to consume was a novel concept that soon caught on quickly.

Since that first batch, Koepplinger's Recipe Bread has grown to become a staple in homes throughout the Midwest. Our commitment to feeding families the cleanest line bread possible means our bread is made with the finest whole grains, all natural, non-GMO and free of high-fructose corn syrup. Koepplinger's bread is the healthier bread, the bread born of hard work and strong values.

Aunt Millie's Bakeries is proud to bake and distribute Koepplinger's Recipe Bread with the same commitment to their original standards of health and flavor.

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The bread born of hard work and strong values.